Strategic alliances and technological partnerships allow us to bring forward the ICT market’s needs and react to the dynamic demand.
The synergy within ASP Italia and Partner allows to realize innovative projects and always achieve goals

Telecom Italia’s Data Center are highly industrialized structures, equiped with the most modern systems, equipment and professional resources result of many years of experience in business services.


IBM is the supplier of hardware and software solutions and services for excellence. ASP Italia, under the ISA project has contributed to the development of the ACG Vision4. From May 2010 ASP Italia is Agency for the provision of ERP ACG Vision4 mode “as a service”.


Lenovo is innovating to lead in the PC+ Era. Already the world’s leading PC company, Lenovo is also a leader in smartphones and tablets as it works to become one of the most respected technology companies in the world.

Namirial – unique in the market – is at the same time a Software and Service Company and a Certification Authority, which provides Trust Services like e-signature, registered e-mail, e-invoicing and long term digital archiving.