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Polo Informatica is a software house with twenty years of experience in the field of Application Solutions. It combines the knowledge of the world of Management with a web-oriented IT Technology. In 2002, Polo Informatica founded ASP Italia. This company believes that intangible assets provide real value when they are turned into services, independently of their ownership. Since its establishment, ASP Italia has delivered high value services based on the Cloud Computing paradigm. Next to it, the company offers highly customized solutions that are tailored to address many business areas. Accordingly, this reduces the technological complexity as well as the overall costs of applications and IT infrastructures ownership. Specialized in developing and delivering Cloud solutions, ASP Italia has developed over the years key capabilities in managing complex projects, both for SMEs and international contexts.


ASP Italia adopts the present Code of Business Ethics, which expresses and confirms the company’s values and identifies the set of rights, duties and responsibilities in the conduction of  internal or external company relationships.

Integrity and ethics have always been the fundamental principles in the delivery process of services by ASP Italia. The strong sense of corporate integrity is essential to maintaining trust and credibility of customers, partners, colleagues, shareholders and others.

The Code of Business Ethics is the backbone ASP Italia.

ASP Italia publish, on a quarterly basis, the declaration of payment of withholding income tax of employees and, annexed to it, the regular contributions Statement issued by social security institutions.

DURC (Document of Social Security) is the certificate that certifies the regularity of an undertaking and payments in social security regulations, welfare and insurance, as well as in all the other obligations required by law.

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