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DocFinance is an application for advance treasury management, and contains Remote Banking Telemaco services.
It is a complete application, characterized by the integration of Remote Banking services with the company’s information system.

To facilitate the introduction of the procedure and to benefit from it, the company must prepare for the necessary changes. In general, those who are engaged in accounting records, unless in structured companies and large firms, also take care of bank’s accounting records. The process of integration of remote banking services with the accounting, in addition to receiving cash flow, has the task of making the cash booking necessary to transfer following the Reconciliation.

The origin of the advance corporate treasury management are the commitments of collections and payments deriving from contracts for investment, for purchases and for sales: keep track of the time lag that results is a daily task of business administration.

Who need DocFinance

the companies that need to: 

  • automate treasury management
  • keep the situation under control
  • manage accounting in a simpler way
  • connect the company with its banks.
Small Business 100%
Large Enterprise 100%
International Groups 100%

Why can the corporate treasury management service help you?

  • by managing provisional and estimated movements, which represent the company’s cash receipts and payments, it allows you to prevent the formation of active balances on certain accounts and liabilities on others.
  • you will check the work of the banks, thanks to the automatic processing of the account statements, the tabulation of deviations of the provisional movements from the final ones, to the calculation of the interest with advances to be deducted, together with the automatic reconciliation of the bank account statements.
  • constitutes a connection point between the corporate information system and the banks’ Electronic Banking systems, controlling the flow of information.


Daily control of cash flows and financial movements

Check banking conditions

Cash flow 

Cash Pooling

Forecasting and accounting schedules

Forward-looking financial positions, cash and credit

Separate collection and payment optimizations



Integrated into company management
Control and monitoring of corporate liquidity trends
Import first-time transactions via Remote Banking
Access with one login to the accounts of current accounts at online banks
Access to accounts of online accounts
Optimize the use of future liquidity
It allows you to predict end-of-month commitments while limiting unwanted surprises
Reduction of the time needed to obtain and analyze information


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