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Maximum performance and security Cloud

The Cloud Storage services allow you to store files and data in remote storage devices typically hosted in datacenters, accessible over the web from anywhere  and at any time.

It was created with the aim of simplifying the management, storage and sharing of company data, ensuring high levels of security.

Ready to use, efficient, easily adaptable to the needs of any organization.

The service allows you to store and manage potentially unlimited amounts of data, ensuring their availability from any location inside and outside the company. Saving any file in a folder activates the archiving and securing of the same. From now on, the content is subject to backup procedures and can be shared and distributed in accordance with the permissions granted.

It also stands out for the presence of the Disk-Box, an appliance installed locally that allows you to reset the performance limits related to Cloud mode delivery. The user, in fact, has the perception of working locally and performance are not affected by bandwidth limits.

Disk-One, the Cloud Storage solution by ASP ITALIA, implements the fundamental features of Cloud Storage ensuring the usability of any device connected to web.

Who needs Cloud Storage?

A Modular took, flexible, easy to use, suitable for any Business

Disk-One can be used by small workgroups up to large organizations and allows you to archive and manage virtually unlimited amounts of data, ensuring their availability for your company from any internal and external location.

This means you can access the data at any time, anywhere: at a customer, on the move, in non-working hours. Your data available h24, 365 days a year.

Our Cloud Drive service, as it is also called, is fully scalable. This allows you to activate the service starting with the Lite version that allows you to store up to 500 GB, and then scale to greater solution, at any time, according to your real needs. A huge space for a small price, but not only.

It uses an encrypted protocol and can be managed and shared by different users at any time and location.

How much Disk-One?

Choose the Solution for your Company, depending on the volume of the data you need to Save…

29,00 €Month
  • Users: up to 20
  • Storage: up to 500 Gb
  • Encrypted protocol
  • Dedicated Support
  • Share Feature
  • Mobile Access
  • Admin Panel: Base*

Disk-One Appliance

49,00 €Month
  • User: 1
  • Storage: up to 500 Gb
  • Encrypted Protocol
  • Dedicated Support
  • Share Feature
  • Mobile Access
  • Admin panel: base*
  • Disk-One Appliance
199,00 €Month
  • Users: up to 50
  • Storage: 2 Tb Slot
  • Encrypted Protocol
  • Dedicated Support
  • Share Feature
  • Mobile Access
  • Admin panel: avanzato*
  • Disk-One Appliance
299,00 €Month
  • Utenti: more than 50
  • Storage: 4 Tb Slot
  • Encrypted Protocol
  • Dedicated Support
  • Share Feature
  • Mobile Access
  • Admin panel: avanzato*
  • Disk-One Appliance

Disk-One features

Here’s why choose Disk-One as a Cloud Storage Service

Disk-One stands out from others cloud storage services for the presence of the Disk-Box, a device (appliance) installed locally. This solution combines the performance of local storage with the security and reliability of cloud storage. The stored data is instantly available in your small local network and are automatically transferred to the cloud using algorithms to reduce and optimize traffic on the band.

The data will then be immediately available online where, how and when you need.

Saving and fixed costs

No investment in dedicated hardware, also no need for specific IT resources.


Disk-One is Fault-Tolerance: h 24/7 monitoring, ISO 27001 certification for service security


All-inclusive Support! No Worries about updates, migrations or technological obsolescence


Disk-one is potentially unlimited and you can activate it with different storage tiers that can evolve over time


Ability to distribute data securely out of Company using PCs, smartphones and tablets


Our experts are always available to identify the best solution to optimize the service

Disk-One Additional Features

One Disk-Box, endless application possibilities

Cloud Storage

Store any file online and access whenever you want from any device.

Cloud Backup

Online Backup of all document, easy and safe                

Cloud Share

Share file with Colleagues, Partners, Customers and Suppliers

How to take advantage of the Disk-One service

Try for FREE and without commitment our Services

The Disk-One service is provided by ASP Italia in Cloud and is available through any device that can access the web. It is a service and not a licensed software, using Disk-One you pay a fee calculated on the basis of the activated features (Storage, Backup, Share), for concurrent users (for the Share module) and for the storage space of required. It can try for free and with no commitment. The service require only the access credentials for the free version.



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