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Cloud Server: the cloud service modular based to your needs!

The sever cloud services enable create, configure, and use the virtual remote servers which provide application services. Server cloud are normally hosted in highly reliable and high-bandwidth infrastructure so allowing you to deliver application services without the need to design, plan and purchase the required hardware and operating systems.

Server Cloud is the service offered by ASP Italy. It is a real remote server with guaranteed parameters (RAM, CPU, network), made available on devices multicore multiprocessor redundant and available for both Intel  platforms and IBM System i. It uses high-availability SAN storage and you can configure dynamic and complex infrastructure (web server, db server, firewall, etc.). Cloud Server allows you to use a technologically advanced servers (Windows, Linux, Unix, OS / 400, i5OS) without having to purchase hardware deciding what capabilities and characteristics should have according to the business needs, including temporary ones!

Who needs cloud server

A server with advanced technology,  flexible and adaptable to every need

Server Cloud is applicable in all cases when you need a server to deliver application

services without acquiring the hardware and the operating system required for this purpose. Whether it’s simple tests, until you get to the supply of application services to its users / clients, Server Cloud allows you to put online a faster server and a few simple steps.

Small Business 100%
Large Enterprise 100%
International Groups 100%

The Cloud Server Features

Why choose Server ASP Cloud


Configuring a server for the company without initial investments


There are no management charges or maintenance or upgrade


Immediate adaptability of the system to the customer management needs


Use only the modules you need from time to time

Additional Features

Server Cloud, the cloud service to improve your business

Low Costs

Outsource own server for no longer having to manage and maintain


Consolidate IT infrastructure, without major investments.


Update the hardware inventory, without purchase obbligation


Without having to further implement your own infrastructure


Create without investment for any need.


Manage and share business files, safely.


How to take advantage with Cloud Server Service

Try for Free and without commitment our services

Server Cloud is provided by ASP Italia as a service, meaning that they are not required investments for hardware or software licenses (a license any software installed by the customer must, of course, be duly licensed by the customer).
Server Cloud fee is calculated on the basis of the characteristics of the server (RAM, CPU, Guaranteed bandwidth, OS, …).  you can change at any time the features of the server, the costs will be adjusted accordingly.


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