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Telecom Italia’s Data Center are highly industrialized structures that ensure to the Partners hospitality of its devices in Telecom Italia’s cabinets (rack).The Data Center facilities are equipped with the most modern systems, equipment and professional resources result of massive investments and many years of experience in business services. Our sites are connected to the Internet through multiple lines with a total capacity of over 5 Gbit/s and are equipped with cooling systems, UPS, electrical generators, fire and monitoring systems, active 24 hours on 24 hours, 7 days out of 7.In addition, comprehensive coverage on Italian territory, with regard both to the national hospitality sites: Milan (Rozzano and Cesano Maderno), Padua, Bologna, Rome (Inviolatella and Pomezia) and Bari, both the 4 Regional Service Centers (Turin, Florence, Naples and Palermo).

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